Individual Therapy

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People often come to individual therapy when they are struggling with feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression. Others seek therapy when they want to learn more about themselves, or when they are overwhelmed with a major life transition or difficult decision. Some examples are:

  • dealing with a breakup or divorce
  • needing help leaving an unhealthy relationship
  • recovering from infidelity
  • mourning the loss of a partner or loved one
  • infertility, childbirth, parenting or step parenting
  • desiring more satisfying sex and intimacy
  • experiencing frustration because of repetitive arguments
  • accommodating to others out of fear of loss of relationship
  • holding back on saying what you really think or feel, despite cost to self
  • difficulty setting healthy boundaries
  • negotiating family or work challenges

Our work together will focus on your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and how they help or limit you. As you better understand your needs and patterns, you will make more conscious choices to improve your relationships and overall well-being.

Benefits of Individual Therapy

  • coping with and overcoming difficult feelings such as anxiety, depression, loss
  • reducing stress
  • building concrete strategies to help you create new paths in your life
  • identifying why you are remaining stuck
  • managing life transitions such as marriage, childbirth, parenthood, career challenges
  • addressing difficulties in family, friendship and career relationships
  • increasing capacity for deeper connection in relationships
  • successfully grieving the loss of a loved one

The issues for which each individual seeks therapy are unique. If you do not see the concerns you are struggling with listed, please reach out to me to see if we are a good fit.