Couples Therapy

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All relationships have challenges, even the best ones. The ways in which we navigate the inevitable challenges determine the way we feel about our partner and our self. Some struggles are easier to work through than others and, in times of readjustment, a skilled couples therapist can help. Couples therapy provides a place where your individual differences are respected and the connection between you is deepened; where each of you can grow by clarifying your vision for the relationship and also by identifying the changes each of you will need to make in order to achieve your goals. Together, we will establish new, healthier ways of communicating and connecting while leaving behind old patterns which no longer benefit the relationship. 

Some couples come to me in the midst of a crisis and some couples come to strengthen a happy marriage. Some come at the start of a new relationship to clarify goals, values and dreams, or to enhance communication. Some want to solve a specific problem. Some need help co-parenting or blending step families. Others come as a last attempt to save a relationship. 

When a relationship is ending, some come to minimize pain and promote mutual respect and collaboration while moving on. 

Whatever issues you find yourself facing, we will work together to find the resolution you are looking for.

 Benefits of Couples Therapy 

  • learning effective ways to communicate and respectfully resolve conflict 
  • enhancing problem solving skills within your partnership 
  • accepting your part in co-creating the past and a healthier future 
  • honoring each partner’s individual needs as you grow as a couple 
  • gaining a greater understanding of why you chose your partner and how this choice can lead you to personal and relationship transformation 
  • increasing trust, intimacy and connection 
  • improving overall relationship satisfaction 

Below is a link to a series of interesting and informative podcasts by Esther Perel who is an international expert on love, and modern marriage… well as my current therapist crush:) 

“Where Should We Begin” which is a series of real therapy sessions dealing with some of the most significant issues in today’s modern relationships.